Our Founder, Shivvy Jervis

Voted one of Britain’s 2019 Role Models of the Year and Europe’s most trailblazing women in digital, Shivvy Jervis is a four-time award-winning Innovation Futurist and Discovery channel Broadcaster.

TED Global commend Jervis as having “a remarkable ability to analyse the socio-economic impact of new technologies”, the World Economic Forum cite her as “a thought leader beyond compare” and Britain’s former Digital Minister finds Jervis to be “a true expert”. Scour through the full list of Jervis’ testimonials here.

Jervis’ global talks and broadcasts on how to navigate the digital economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution have earned an astonishing 24 pieces of industry recognition. This includes being named one of Britain’s 10 most influential South Asian women and receiving a national Outstanding Achiever award at the House of Lords.

Technology for Humanity

Keep human needs at the core of digital engineering

What do we stand for? Shivvy Jervis passionately advocates that technological progress must keep our human needs at its core. We cannot achieve sustainable innovation without social advancement.

Else what we’re left with is really just a hyper cycle isn’t it? 

Let’s use digital technology for profit and purpose.

Our Mission

We champion sustainable innovation and tech-for-good. FutureScape 248 believe technological progress must enhance human potential, or it is meaningless. 

Our Vision

FutureScape 248 focuses on helping organisations of any size grasp, cope with and benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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