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Project Showcase.

FutureScape 248’s founder Shivvy Jervis is called on to speak at global summits, create thought leadership for organisations and offer advisory in her capacity as a forecaster.

How best do we learn?

At London Tech Week 2020, FutureScape 248 unveiled an investigative piece on the next wave of learning – workplace and educational – to wide acclaim. Commissioned by the Mayor of London’s office (London & Partners), we explored Reskilling; Augmented Realities; Learner-Led Platforms and Mindset Shifts. Watch the video or download the report here.

Post-Pandemic: The Future of Work

Our economic systems and social structures have been challenged this year. What new ways of living, working and learning might we uncover? Shivvy Jervis spoke for Credit Suisse on the skills and technologies that we will need in order to thrive. More here.


How safe is your Digital Identity?

Planning for a safer cyber future | For sec firm ID Agent

This forward-looking masterclass talk for global security pros ID Agent will see FutureScape 248’s Founder Shivvy Jervis taking audiences on a discovery of how emotive AI, biological security and the Internet of Everything will impact your identity. More on the event here


Which advances will reshape marketing?

Forecasting for marketers and agencies | For AND.digital

How will we use “emotionally-aware” software and immersive reality in our content campaigns? And can brand leaders think like futurists? More on the event here. 

The Humanity 5.0 Masterclass


Launch of new masterclass Humanity 5.0 |
Virtual debut for Microsoft

Shivvy was invited to present an hour-long masterclass for Microsoft, delivering this virtually in June 2020. The high-energy session and subsequent exclusive q&a covered new leadership approaches in a pandemic age, emotive AI, Mixed Reality and the Internet of Everything and debunked the big myths about digital transformation.


Future Cities 2040 | In partnership with the office of the Mayor of London and London & Partners

Shivvy and FutureScape 248 are partnering with the office of the Mayor of London on an ambitious project to envision the future global city of 2040. Using London and Los Angeles as champion cities, Shivvy will make a series of over 22 informed predictions spanning connectivity, mobility and the environment.

The Global City of 2040

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Smart Cities and Travel


'Piloting the Digital Future' documentary | For Discovery Channel and Singapore Airlines

Hosting an ambitious two-part Discovery Channel documentary series, Shivvy embarked on a deep-dive investigation into the future of our cities and the aviation industry. This vivid documentary was filmed in Singapore and broadcast on Discovery Asia to great acclaim.

research and branded content

Pioneering advances that will shape patient care | For global healthcare giant Roche

Remarkable innovations at the intersection of science and technology are redefining healthcare. From hyper-personalized care through targeted medicine and 24/7 support bots, to systems that alert physicians to issues before they become dangerous, and robot surgeons and always-on sensors – the management of patient care is seeing a seismic shift.

Nanobots & mixed reality

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Six Jobs of the Future

branded content

'Six Jobs of the Future' | Global tech recruiter

In this mini-investigative format video for Empiric, Shivvy uncovered six jobs of the future that don’t exist now… but will do in the next few years. What might a ‘Chief Trust Officer’ and ‘Head of Immersive Workplace’ do? What skills will be needed? What new jobs will be created as a result of emerging new technology? Watch to find out.


Innovations with impact on the humanitarian sector and workforce | The United Nations

In January 2020, Shivvy was invited to address an intimate and high-level group of some of the most senior officials from the International Labour Organisation and the UN in a gripping talk. Gathered in Italy, the event saw Shivvy take the audience through a fascinating journey envisioning how advances in artificial intelligence, data science and mixed reality will impact the humanitarian and global employment landscape.


Innovations for the public sector

The Impact of AI, Data Science and Mixed Reality on Digital Identity

Keynote talk

Security is not just 'an IT thing' warns Shivvy to rapt audience | Norton Lifelock

Speaking on the future of security to a packed room of attendees upon the invitation from leading brand Norton, Shivvy shared tipsheets and predictions on how developments in AI, data science and mixed reality will impact how we protect our digital identity. She also stressed that many organisations still view cyber security as a technological risk when it is actually a core business hazard. 

speech and moderation

Oslo Business Forum | Norway

Shivvy headlined one of the most prestigious business summits themed on digital technologies – the Oslo Business Forum (OBF) to an audience of over 2,000. Former US President Barack Obama was present at the very same event in 2018, and former UK Prime Minister David Cameron speaks at OBF 2019.

Cognitive Computing and the Future of Work

Advances in AI, Data and Mixed Reality

Keynote talk

MCB Tech 2019

Mcb tech 2019 is a joint initiative between the Norwegian Media Cluster (NCE Media), and The Norwegian Fintech Cluster (NCE Finance Innovation) that focuses on emerging tech, digital strategy, and future business models.

Uncovering the latest predictions in emotive AI, the Future of Data, the future of work, and the next generation of digital identities, Shivvy took the audience through the three most groundbreaking applications of tech.


What will Jobs Look Like Five Years From Now? | The NESTA Career Tech Challenge

Equipped with the right knowledge, people can plan for secure and rewarding future careers. This year, Shivvy will provide her expertise in Futurology, tech, and entrepreneurship to judge a variety of digital solutions that aim to support people to make better-informed decisions about their future careers. Alongside a panel of industry professionals, Shivvy will decide on the top finalists to receive a £50,000 grant to further develop their ideas.

Securing the Future of Jobs

Keynote Talk

Interroll Global Summit

What can businesses expect in the fourth industrial revolution? In her latest keynote talk at Interroll Global Summit hosted in Rome, Shivvy Jervis took centre stage to uncover the most significant changes to happen in leadership, talent, and tech.

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Growth Perspectives: Talent, Tech & Leadership 4.0

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Advances reshaping the property sector

Keynote talk

How might the real estate market use mixed reality, emotive AI and data science? | Zillow

Shivvy headlined a summit in Las Vegas for over 2,500 property and real estate professionals to bring to life how the latest developments in AI, data science and immersive technologies could help their sector pivot, adapt and thrive. The event was hosted by leading real estate portal Zillow.

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Which advances will reshape marketing?

Forecasting for marketers and agencies | For AND.digital

How will we use “emotionally-aware” software and immersive reality in our content campaigns? And can brand leaders think like futurists? More on the event here.