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FutureScape 248 is a bespoke forecasting lab focusing on sustainable innovation.

Powered by multi-award winning Industry 4.0 Futurist Shivvy Jervis, we provide research, branded content, masterclasses and custom keynotes to organisations.

We want society to get ‘future ready’, not just future proof.

meaningful innovation

"Technology must Augment Human Potential"

What technologies should I integrate into our organisation and where can I find the right innovation firms or founders to partner with? How do we as a business ‘do’ AI, Mixed reality or advanced data science and create new revenue streams whilst benefitting our end-user? What ethical oversight of new innovation do we need to put in place?         

Set up by globally recognised Industry 4.0 Futurist and Expert Shivvy Jervis, FutureScape 248 was formed in 2017 to respond to the skyrocketing demand she was experiencing for bespoke insights on navigating digital technologies. 

FutureScape 248 focuses on helping organisations, startups and governments grasp, cope with and benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Together with her team of brilliant researchers, Shivvy offers:

– Custom speeches and masterclasses, travelling internationally to deliver powerful talks at internal or public events.

– Insider Access: The facilitation of introductions to the startups and inventors developing the most powerful new tech advances.

– Branded thought leadership and video content on the use of AI, Mixed Reality, Next-Gen Cyber Security, Data Science, 5G and the Internet of ‘Everything’.

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Called on by global organisations including

How might we help?

Thought Leadership

We're called on to create remarkable insights and research on navigating future technologies, in all multimedia formats.

Keynote Talks

FutureScape 248's founder Shivvy delivers speeches and masterclasses for organisations across the world.


A seasoned broadcaster, Shivvy creates (and often presents) brand-backed video content with high reach.

Themes we cover

‘Emotive’ AI and Cognitive Computing
The Future of Work in 2025
Leadership & Talent approaches for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Mixed Reality and Immersive Technologies
Advanced Data Science & ‘Dirty’ Data
Cyber Security & Digital Identity

Become Future Ready