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Founded by multi-award winning Futurist Shivvy Jervis, we’re a forecasting lab and social innovation advisory researching and showcasing the most powerful innovations that will benefit business and humanity.
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Latest Greatest: Project Showcase

Our Global City of the Future


Future Learning 2025 and Future Cities 2040 | In partnership with the office of the Mayor of London

FutureScape 248 have been chosen by the Mayor of London’s office (London & Partners) to envision the future city of 2040 via a series of informed predictions spanning connectivity, mobility and environment. In parallel, we will develop a second theme within this ambitious project – to identify the key forces shaping the future of learning in 2030.  

The Humanity 5.0 Masterclass


Launch of new masterclass Humanity 5.0 |
Invited by Microsoft to virtually debut session

Shivvy was invited to present an hour-long masterclass for Microsoft, delivering this virtually in June 2020. The high-energy session and subsequent exclusive q&a covered new leadership approaches in a pandemic age, emotive AI, Mixed Reality and the Internet of Everything and debunked the big myths about digital transformation.

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Six jobs that don't yet exist | Video investigation for a global recruiter

What might a ‘Chief Trust Officer’ and ‘Head of Immersive Workplace’ do? In this mini-investigative format video for global tech recruiter Empiric, Shivvy uncovered six jobs of the future that don’t exist now but will do in the next few years. Watch to find out.

The Impact of AI, Data Science and Mixed Reality on Digital Identity

Keynote talk

Security is not just 'an IT thing' warns Shivvy to rapt audience | Norton Lifelock

Speaking on the future of security to a packed room of attendees upon the invitation from leading brand Norton, Shivvy shared tipsheets and predictions on how developments in AI, data science and mixed reality will impact how we protect our digital identity. She also stressed that many organisations still view cyber security as a technological risk when it is actually a core business hazard. 

Thought Leadership.

We’re commissioned to research and produce powerful written and video insights spanning a vast bank of themes such as:

  • AI & Cognitive Computing  
  • Future Cities
  • Healthcare Tech
  • Mixed Reality and Immersive Workplaces 
  • Data & Security 
  • Digital Transformation

Keynote Talks.

Headlining events globally, founder Shivvy Jervis is called on to address audiences from an intimate 200 to a staggering 2,000. Themes span:

  • Humanity 5.0
  • The Future of Work
  • ‘Emotive AI’, New Data &  Digital Identity
  • Leading in a post-pandemic age 
  • From Industry 4.0 to 5.0: How will we get there responsibly?


A seasoned broadcaster, Shivvy creates brand-powered video content with high reach. Projects include:

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We advise organisations, governments, and start-ups on navigating the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We’re called on by over 80 brands, including the five exemplary organisations below:

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