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2021 Forecast

Augmented Commerce as the next phase of e-commerce, the use of Nano-technology in buildings and health treatments, a call for Neuro-diversity in the workplace and emotionally aware software… bring it on. These are some of the most remarkable advances that could flow out of the innovation labs and into our hands in 2021 and beyond.

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Commissioned by the Mayor of London’s office, we crafted an investigation on the next wave of learning (workplace and educational), with insights drawing on both digital advancements and neuroscience. Founder Shivvy Jervis explained what to expect in four pivotal areas – Reskilling, Augmented Learning, Adaptive Platforms and Mindset Shifts.

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A top-tier panel of judges ranked FutureScape 248 and its founder in its 10 leading names as part of TechRound’s inaugural list of the 50 Top BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) entrepreneurs from the UK and worldwide. Adding to the 24+ pieces of industry recognition earned by Shivvy to date, she was singled out for being one of very few Indian women in her field.

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The management of patient care is seeing a seismic shift. As we skyrocket forwards in the current 4th Industrial Revolution, remarkable advances are redefining healthcare. Hyper-personalized treatment through nanobots, 24/7 mental health support platforms or pre-emptive tools that alert physicians to issues before they become dangerous… this is tech-for-good in action.

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What are folks saying?

Our Global City of the Future

Future Cities 2040 | In partnership with the office of the Mayor of London

FutureScape 248 have been chosen by the Mayor of London’s office (London & Partners) to envision the future city of 2040 via a series of informed predictions spanning connectivity, mobility and environment. This will be released in 2021 to coincide with a more positive outlook in our cities.

Shivvy Jervis speaker

Post-Pandemic: The Future of Work

Global Women's Financial Forum | For Credit Suisse

Our economic systems and social structures have been challenged drastically this year. What new ways of living, working and learning might we uncover? Shivvy Jervis spoke for Credit Suisse on the skills and technologies that we will need in order to thrive. 


How safe is your Digital Identity?

Planning for a safer cyber future | For sec firm ID Agent

This forward-looking masterclass talk for global security pros ID Agent saw Founder Shivvy Jervis taking audiences on a discovery of how emotive AI, biological security and the Internet of Everything will impact your identity. 

VentureBeat thought leadership

FutureScape 248’s founder Shivvy Jervis was interviewed by VentureBeat on how the disruption from the pandemic is swiftly transforming edtech. Read the feature here

Which advances will reshape marketing?

How will we use “emotionally-aware” software and immersive reality in our content campaigns? And can brand leaders think like futurists? More on the event here.

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What might a ‘Chief Trust Officer’ and ‘Head of Immersive Workplace’ do? In this mini-investigative format video for global tech recruiter Empiric, Shivvy uncovered six jobs of the future that don’t exist now but will do in the next few years. // Watch to find out //

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 Founded by Futurist Shivvy Jervis, we demystify the most powerful innovations that will benefit business and humanity.

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